verb (T)
1 to fasten a tag onto something: Tag the bottles now or we'll forget which one is which.
2 be tagged as stupid/a failure etc to be thought of in a particular way that is difficult for you to change: He quit after 4¼ years because he didn't want to be tagged forever as a game show host.
3 Tag! spoken used in a children's game when a player manages to touch someone they are chasing
4 slang to illegally paint your name or sign on a wall, vehicle etc
tag along phrasal verb (I) informal go somewhere with someone, especially when they do not want you to: Mom, I can't do anything with her tagging along all the time. tag sth on phrasal verb (T) to add something to something that already exists or is complete, especially in a way that looks badly planned: Why don't you just tag on a paragraph about the latest research

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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